Traveling across Atlantic ocean: Chicago – Krakow

Nowadays flying becomes more and more popular. The most popular and reachable for everyone are cheap flights on short distances. Nevertheless, people are also more and more often choosing traveling to more distinct destinations. People from Europe wants to visit different continents and vice versa. Very popular travel destination from Europe is the United States of America. People want to explore more and visit this well-known from TV country. On the other hand, Americans also wanna visit Europe, arranging a trip to as many countries as possible and get to know European culture. A lot of polish people are traveling to the US. They are looking for a job, adventure or visiting friends. Such programs like work and travel or camp USA are very popular among polish university students. They are going to the US for summer time, two or three months, working and traveling across the country. it is a great opportunity to visit the North America at such a young age, without so much money. There are also a lot of students’ exchange programs. People are going to different university to study their degree, meet other culture and way of teaching their profession. Apart from getting the scholarship, the outcomes are much bigger than that one in Poland. One of the most expensive thing about traveling across Atlantic ocean are flights. Flights companies need to respond people’s needs and create the best offer for the customers.

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So far there are direct flights from Warsaw, e.g. Warsaw – New York, Warsaw – Chicago etc. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Chicago to Krakow. It meets people’s dissatisfaction because Krakow is very popular travel, in many cases even more popular than Warsaw. People should choose the flight with at least one change, which make a journey even longer. Sometimes is good to consider if isn’t it better to go by car or train from Krakow to Warsaw and from the capital book a flight to the USA. Americans who wanna explore Europe anyways can also consider airports in different countries such as Berlin. The distance from Berlin to Cracow is no that big and there are buses which go between those cities for the resonable price.
There are many options to reach your final travel destination in the different continent. It’s not that expensive and difficult but sometimes you need to consider changes or think about a different way of transports. Flight tickets become cheap so maybe in few years time lots of us will have the possibility to afford it.

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